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SAP - A Few FAQs

  • What is SAP Education?
    SAP Education can help you/your organization reap significant benefits, including:
    • Faster, more cost-effective initial implementations
    • Better acceptance among end users, with decreased support costs
    • Ongoing, optimal return on your software investment
    • Faster adaptation to new releases and changes in business practices

    The curriculum combines business, academic and technical skills to broaden students understanding in the theory and application of information technology in business.
  • What is SAP training? How different is it? What relevant course should I take?
    The SAP Solutions Academy is the most comprehensive and cost effective training offered for all SAP R/3. Regardless of whether you have an exposure to SAP or not, the Academy offers courses that help to develop and enhance your skills. The Academy delivers a hands-on classroom environment followed by an intensive case study to discuss implementation requirements of R/3 Systems. The Academy ends with a certification where your acquired skills of SAP are tested and evaluated by SAP, which is a benchmark to enter the SAP industry.
  • Why do we choose SEED SAP Academy?
    SEED SAP Academy has a State of Art Infrastructure which is rated as the best infrastructure across India by SAP. Since SEED Infotech is into IT training for 20 years, association with Technology leaders SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, RedHat, Prometric, Pearson Vue….., Industry experts, corporate presence and facilitating students with proper mentoring gives us an edge over the others.
  • What are the prerequisites to pursue an SAP module? 
    To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial experience in the relevant business function. To take the technical module of SAP you need to be strong in programming concepts. Generally recommended to people with minimum 1-2 years of technical experience.
    A candidate should also possess professional qualifications like BE/ B.Tech / MBA/CA or equivalent credentials.
  • How does SAP training help? Who can pursue this?
    SAP Training develops skills and experience in the practical management and application of technology. It is for everyone -from everyday users to senior management.
  • How good is the infrastructure, in comparison to other training centers?
    SEED SAP Academy has a State of Art Infrastructure which is rated as the best infrastructure across India by SAP. We have dedicated training rooms fully equipped with the latest computer hardware and software and high-quality audiovisual equipment. Controlled class sizes ensure each student has ample access to training facilities as well as individual attention.
  • What is SAP R/3 Standard Training? What are the offerings?
    Standard SAP R/3 Training gives training on the latest versions and also on various business processes. 
    Courses introduce you to fundamental business processes that can be modeled using the SAP System. The courses serve as an introduction to a particular specialist area, for example, procurement, production planning, and so on.  This course not only explores the complete range of functions in a given application, but concentrates even on key business processes, and on the integration with other modules. 
    Courses focus on providing detailed information about individual application areas, and concentrate on SAP Customizing and functional description. They usually build on information covered in the corresponding level 2 courses, and are tailored to meet the requirements of project teams needs.
  • I am interested to be a SAP Consultant. What relevant course should I take?
    The SEED SAP ACDEMY is the best route for those who wish to gain knowledge and become a Certified Consultant in SAP. 
    Functional Modules
    • TFIN50-52- Managerial & Financial Accounting (FI)
    • TFIN20-22- Managerial & Financial Accounting (CO)
    • TSCM60-62 – SCM – Order Fulfillment (SD)
    • TSCM50-52 – SCM – Procurement (MM)
    • TSCM40-42 – SCM – Planning (PP)
    • THR10-12 – Human Resources (HR)
    • PLM20-22 – Project Management (PS)
    • PLM30 – Plant Maintenance (PM)
    • PLM40 – Quality Management (QM)
    Technical Module
    • ABAP Workbench (Fundamentals & Concepts)
    • BI (Business Intelligence)
  • Several companies / training institutes offer SAP training with guaranteed placements. Are these trainings genuine and are the certificates valid?
    Only authorized SAP education partners are allowed to conduct training legally. Training provides by any other institute which is not recognized by SAP and are not genuine as well as they are not eligible to appear for certification.
  • Does SAP provide placements after successful completion of training?
    SAP does not guarantee placements but SAP and its education partners provide placement assistance by providing information to candidates about the opportunities available in companies who have a requirement for SAP certified consultants.
  • Who are the faculty members?
    The courses are handled by SAP Consultants who have a rich functional experience and are highly skilled in SAP implementations.
  • What is the mode of payment?
    The payment can be made by Demand drafts / Local Cheques /Wire Transfer.
  • How to get SAP Certification?
    There are two ways for getting SAP certification:
    • By undergoing the full 5-weeks training at any of the Authorized Education Partners of SAP.
    • Should have at least 2 implementations experience, were the Company authenticates and sponsors the candidate. The Company, which is sponsoring the candidate, needs to be a SAP Partner.
  • If I have undertaken SAP training in another institute (other than the SAP Authorized partners) can I pursue only the certification examination?
    SAP does not recognize trainings undertaken at any institute other than the authorized training partners. Certification is not available to such candidates.
  • What are the course schedules?
    Please click on the following link to view the schedule www.seedinfotech.com
  • How can I enroll for the course?
    A copy of the SAP enrollment form can be collected at the center mentioned above. The same needs to be submitted along with relevant certificates of educational qualifications, experience and resume.
  • What are the course timings? 
    Classroom training: Mon-Fri 09:00 -17:00 Hrs
    On-line Training Timing: Mon – Sat 07:00 – 23:00 Hrs & Sun 09:00 – 18:00 Hrs
  • What is the course fee? 
    Please contact the counselor on the helpline number provided above.
  • Will accommodation be provided? 
    SEED SAP Academy will assist you in arranging accommodation for the candidates.
  • Does SAP offer part-time courses?
    Classroom courses offered by us are on full-time basis. We do not offer any part-time or weekend classroom batches/ academies. However on-line trainings are available for candidates with rich experience which can be taken upon flexible hours.
  • Is the course theoretical or hands-on?
    SAP Training is a combination of theory and practice on the systems. Candidates are connected to SAP servers for completing their exercises.
  • Why do I need SAP R/3 application consultant certification?
    SAP offers consultants the opportunity to obtain recognition of their SAP System knowledge by taking a Certification Test. The certificate provides customers with assurance that the consultant has passed the SAP Project know-how, which is required to successfully implement SAP for customers. Certified SAP consultants are integrated in a tightly knit information network with SAP, yielding greater quality and more up-to-date knowledge to benefit customers.
  • What is the format of the examination?
    The certification exam for core modules consists of 80 questions, which lasts for 3 hours. The no. of questions/duration may vary for advanced area. The questions are objective in nature. These examinations are release-specific and reflect the actual tasks of an SAP consultant. The exams are standardized worldwide and carried out under the supervision of SAP.
  • What level of knowledge is tested? 
    The exam tests the knowledge required by a junior consultant to work as a productive member of project team under the supervision of an experienced SAP consultant. The certificate shows that the consultant has sound knowledge of the SAP system in the area in which he/she has been tested.
  • What skills does the examination test?
    The examination tests the candidate’s ability to:
    • Explain and implement various core business processes and functions in R/3 in one of the following application areas: Accounting, Controlling, Materials Management, Production & Production, Scheduling, Sales Order Processing, and Human Resources.
    • Define master data and make appropriate global settings (customizing)
      Tailor SAP to customer’s needs.
    • Work with the SAP navigator, online documentation, process and data models and implementation methodologies.
    • Acquire knowledge through available documentation.
    • Describe the SAP service support structure.
    • Describe the technological requirements of the R/3 system.
    • The certificate is release-based and can be updated with further training and delta tests when new releases become available
  • How will I know if I have passed?
    The result will be displayed in your screen after completion of the test. The candidates need to score 70% to clear the certification.
  • Can I re-appear for the exam?
    You will be able to register and re-appear for the exam one month after your first attempt.
    A maximum of three attempts is permitted. If a student has failed all three examination attempts then the candidate has to re-register for a full academy for certification.

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